The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the specific agency within the DOT that governs the physical qualifications for truck drivers, and the drug and alcohol testing process associated with the trucking industry.

The Charlotte DOT Exam Center has Alan M. Tebby, D.C. who is one of the few Chiropractors, nationally, to be certified as a Medical Examiner under the DOT.

Check list for DOT physical examination Charlotte NC:

• Physical disability if any.

• Diabetic status whether on insulin or oral drugs.

• Latest Cardiovascular status with no fresh symptoms related to heart disease.

• No medical history of respiratory dysfunction.

• No established medical history on muscular or vascular diseases.

• No clinical diagnosis of epilepsy or related disorders.

• No mental or psychiatric disorder.

• Visual acuity within prescribed limits.

• Extent of hearing disability confirmed by audiometric and other tests.

• No current clinical diagnosis of alcoholism.

• No addiction to amphetamine, a narcotic, or other habit-forming drugs.

We Offer:

• Same day appointments

• No waiting

• 20 minute exam after paperwork

• Drug Testing (available)

• Breath Alcohol Testing (available)

• Laminated Medical Card

• FAA BasicMed Flight Physical


- DOT and non-DOT exams are: $60.

- DOT and non-DOT drug screens cost: $60. Call first and take the test on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

- If we are already contracted with your company, your company rates will apply regardless of the day. Ask your HR department to contact us for further discounts at 704-541-7111